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So last Friday, Little Miss Honey invited me to an awards ceremony called ciNE65 as her “plus one”. I love being a “plus one”, I get to go to places and see stuff I don’t normally see, without the pressure of being the invited one. Plus, I don’t really get invited to stuff anyway.

Now in case you are wondering what in the world ciNE65 is (I didn’t have a clue either), its an initiative to encourage film makers in Singapore to make, well, films about Singapore. This year’s theme was “Believing.Home” and there were film shorts ranging from documentries to drama. Some were about the people around us, some were about the bonds we form, our dreams, and of course my favorite was the film about food and cooking ,entitled “Home made”,which, by the way, won best overall film.

Anyway, I think Irene Ang summed it best when she said (and I’m paraphrasing here), not everyone is Jack Neo, nor should they be.
The award statues were really cute too. One of them was in the shape of the traditional video camera and another one was curvy in the way that classic film looks like when you unreel it.
Also, the films are up on Youtube. So you really should go check it out. There’s a really cool one about a cleaning lady who used to be an airline stewardess.

winners in the student category…now they have to share the camera!


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