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The Selfie Cafe

I remembered reading about the Selfie Coffee in the Straits Times and I took a picture of it, whatsapped it to the Beau and said that we were going to visit it when he arrived. I don’t think he took me too seriously because he just said, sure babe. Well, on his first day here, after dragging him through the narrow streets of Haji Lane (made even narrower by construction) surrounded by (probably expensive) hipster clothes and an express manicure, we stumbled upon the Selfie Coffee. Well, stumbled is a bit of an understatement since there is a huge coffee sculpture with the words Selfie Coffee written on it.


When we entered the area where you order (and collect the coffee), there was a wall with a list of their various types of coffee. There was also a nice display case with some pastries (we debated between the carrot cake and the chocolate lava cake for quite a while). Towards the back of the wall was also a bucket of props for people who were going to take their selfies for the selfie coffee. After ordering a mocha frappe selfie coffee, the waitress passed us her iphone and told us to take a selfie. After two or three tries, we finally got a picture that actually had the two of us in the picture (I know…we aren’t the best with tech). She handed us one of those buzzer thingys and told us to collect it when the buzzer goes off. As there was a sign leading upstairs that said Galifrey, I naturally insisted we had to go up to see if we could spot a Time Lord or two. At the top of the landing was a pink flamingo with some weird looking rabbits and a seating room with some tables and chairs with a sort of weird jungle theme to it. The Beau felt a bit closed in so we ended up heading downstairs and sitting outside (in the heat!) instead.

Is this Galifrey?

After a while, we finally got our prize! The coffee itself actually doesn’t taste too bad. The selfie is printed on a rather thick layer of cream. I’m not a huge fan of cream, but the mocha frappe beneath it was decent. It has a decent amount of caffeine in it and didn’t taste too bland.


We did settle on having the carrot cake which was delicious. I’ll be honest, it was quite fun to have a picture painted on the cup. But I’m not sure how sustainable that is as a business model. I think its good that the coffee itself is decent and although they have a rather limited collection of pastries, it actually does taste pretty good. I think if I ever visit the Haji Lane area again, I probably will stop by for some coffee. That said, I don’t really see myself frequenting Haji Lane too much unless if I have visitors from overseas, or if I suddenly feel rather flush. Well, I know I want to go back and get my nails done again so I suppose I might get some coffee and cake there (that is, if I haven’t been filling up too much on that lovely lemonade already). But getting my nails done is a bit of a rare occasion for me (unless if I have another girlfriend accompanying me, I rarely will go about it on my own…).

Here’s the important info:

11 Haji Lane, Singapore 189204

Mon – Thurs:


Fri – Sat:





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