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Mon highlights

I know that Mon is when I normally try to post inspirational stories in order to keep myself going on what is decidedly Blue Monday. But I actually had a weekend this past week, a rare treat. On Fri night, I got to attend and award ceremony! With Little Miss Honey and made new friends! And I saw Irene Ang! And Edmund Chen! So exciting right? And we got some cool swag out of it *grin* Plus the shorts were quite good. And thankfully nothing like the Jack Neo movies.


And on Sunday, I treated myself (and my mother) to a movie in Bugis+. I never even knew that Bugis+ had a movie theatre, much less a new cineplex called Filmgarde. I thought Shaw and Golden Village were the only existing movie players here in Singapore.

Anyway, we settled on watching Spy. Melissa McCarthy plays the aforementioned spy. All I knew about the movie before going in was that she plays a field agent for the first time after the identities of the existing field agents have been compromised (apparently the CIA only has 5 field agents??). Anyway, I love Melissa McCarthy. She looks like she would make a great girlfriend, don’t you think? Also, I think she is living proof that size doesn’t matter. She’s funny, and she works hard at her job and she loves it. the Spy movie is a spoof of spy movies, and it involves a lot of physical comedy. It also involves the beautiful people like Jude Law, Jason Statham and Rose Byrne to really play up the sterotypes of themselves which is mad fun. But the movie also has a serious part. Melissa McCarthy’s character is so busy trying to blend in that she only starts kicking ass and being a good spy when she finally allows her own personality to shine through. And I think that’s a lesson a lot of women have to learn. We are all something. We can all be amazing at what we do but we have to stop blending in. We can’t let a boy tell us what we can or cannot do!

Also, who knew wedding planning could be so painful. And frustrating. I’m planning an elopement and the number of emails I’ve sent over the past week is more than the number of emails I’ve sent in the past year! Its horrible! And EXPENSIVE. And we are ELOPING. Meaning, someone marries us, we sign some papers and off we go! But I’ve gone back and forth on the dress–before the engagement I was convinced I was going to wear a thrited dress from 10 years ago. But now I look at all these princess-type tulle dresses and the lace dresses and I kind of want to wear one! I’ve become bridezilla! And then location! First it was the beach, then city hall, and now maybe the beach again. *groan* At first the Beau’s step dad was going to marry us. But now he thinks it might be nice to let the family just enjoy seeing us get married. So now we have to find (and pay for!) and officiant. And if we are going to have family and friends (albeit a small small group of them), I think I want a photographer. But do you know how much they charge? $4000 on average! For 1 hour! I don’t know who can afford such photography. And honestly, if I’m going to pay that kind of money, it better come with the dress. I told the Beau to forget about a photogapher. We can do a photography session here in Singapore. With a poufy wedding dress and tux to boot! LOL.

Anyways, that’s all from me today. Hope everyone gets a great week! And if you have any ideas on how to reduce cost for an ELOPEMENT or know of a cheap photographer in Long Beach, LET ME KNOW!!!



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