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The weekend, once again, has passed too quickly. But this was yet another weekend of mourning for Singaporeans. The earthquake in Sabah has resulted in the death of at least one Singapore child. There’s at least a dozen more missing so the death toll will definitely rise. Last week was the start of the school holidays and there were at least 3 groups of school children who were climbing Mt. Kinabalu. It’s especially sad because these children were probably so excited to be away from their parents for the first time. And they had probably trained very hard to ensure they would be able to undergo such a great adventure. Although I feel for the parents who have lost their child as well as the other families who have lost their loved ones on this quake, I also hope the survivors will find the strength to overcome the mental trauma.. I also hope the schools will continue to arrange for such trips. This truly was an unexpected natural disaster. To stop offering such adventures for the children, to stop offering them a chance to learn outside of the books will also be very sad.

And now I’m trying to think of good thoughts to get me through this week because its going to be a long week especially since the Beau has gone home and it will be a few months before I get to see him again.

My calendar reminds me that in about 6 weeks, I’m going to be botak (Malay for bald). As everyone knows, I’ll be shaving my head for Hair for Hope. I’ve resisted cutting my hair for the past year because I also wanted to donate my hair to make wigs for people who don’t have hair because of illness. But apparently I’ve not been the only one who’s been growing out my hair for a good cause. This young boy grew out his hair for 2.5 years in order that other children who could not have hair of their own could have a wig to make them feel better. I think he’s much braver than I am, and very much wiser than most his age. He definitely deserves a warm round of applause.

Also, I was reminded by the New Yorker of who the real greatest American Athlete really is: Serena Williams. And you know what? I agree. She has accomplished a lot in her wrong career and short life. I feel as if I’ve done nothing in comparison to her. Heck. After 5 laps in the pool, all I can think of is the chocolate bar in the fridge. And just for the record, doggy paddling is harder than regular swimming. I’m short sighted and don’t have contacts or special swimming goggles so doggy paddling was the only way I could swim with my spectacles. My neck is experiencing some major spasms right now!….also although I already feel as if I’ve gone as far as I possibly can, Serena Williams still feels that life is full of possibilities, and filled with more goals to conquer! She wants to go to medical school. And knowing how determined she is, she’ll probably make it. She’s a proper Renaissance Woman!

Also, I’m glad that someone finally came up with a solution to soothe the little premies. More often than not, sedation via the IV is used because we know that the tubes can be uncomfortable. But the regular pacifiers are too big for them, but this nurse has proven that listening to your patient is important and she listened to the tiniest of them. Bravo!

Also, Little Miss Honey introduced me to this article about not falling in love with the perfect guy. And I agree. The Beau is by no means perfect. He certainly wasn’t who I imagined falling in love with. And when I met him, I was looking to buy a car, not find myself a boyfriend. But three years later, two-thirds of which were long distance, we are now engaged. I don’t know if we will last forever and forever, but we are going to try very hard to make a go of it!

Also, 85 year old lady gives great dating advice to her granddaughter. I think its advice ALL of us can use.



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