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i may be turning into bridezilla. For a planned elopement. I mean, my wedding is going to involve 3 people. Me, the fiancé and the Justice of Peace. I’m obsessing about location (currently it’s going to be at the beach), the dress (before #isaidyes , my dress was going to be a thrifted Oleg Casini formal dress from the 1990s but now I’m not liking the shoulder pads so much and I kinda wanna try a dress with some tulle…..) and the wedding bands. Because the wedding isn’t going to involve everyone else, I almost feel like it has to be romantic and sweet but also obscenely cheap to justify why we are eloping (we are both grossly broke….and hoping love can #feedourstomachs). Seriously not what I imagined my wedding day to be. After all, I’m a mature bride. Surely a lavish affair should not be a difficult goal. But I’m having a hard time justifying the expense (even though it is a once in a lifetime thing) especially when my parents do not approve of my choice and are determined to put a stop to the whole thing (which only makes me want to rush into it even more).

I wish someone will just come and try wedding dresses with me so I can get it out of my system.



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