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When you go to a city where Prada, Gucci and Armani are headquartered, gourmet designer type grocery stores really shouldn’t surprise you. Peck is actually listed in guidebooks as a must visit for all tourists. It was also the number one thing on my list of things to see and do. It was ranked higher than The Last Supper! Sadly, Peck did not allow photography in the store. *hmph* so I took pictures outside the store instead!

The only problem when you put the words “gourmet” in front of anything is that the prices tend to be rather outlandish and not affordable for the likes of me. I don’t shop at Prada or Gucci. I’m more of a forever 21 kind of girl, and sometimes, when I can afford it, a Geox girl.  I mean, their limoncello was 21 euros! It’s probably delicious?…but 21 euros! I did manage to buy two boxes of gourmet biscuits for my aunt who’s taking care of my grandmother though. But those two boxes cost more than dinner over two nights!


And yep, I snuck in a photo or two of the interior when no one was looking! The power of the camera phone!



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