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You like pasta?

i mean, seriously. If you are going to be in Italy, it’s really idiotic not to eat pasta, right? That said, not all pasta is made equal. Apparently there’s freshly made pasta and instant pasta. Sort of the same difference between fresh ramen and instant ramen I suppose. And since I had learnt how to make my own pasta from scratch, I figured I should eat as much fresh pasta as possible while in Milan!

Anyway, my old college friend, Eurogal, took me to this pasta place near the Cardona area in Milan. There were a lot of twists and turns and I’ll be honest, if she wasn’t there, I would never have been able to find it! What’s so special about this place is that is is pretty much a hole in the wall. There were maybe 5 tables in the whole place and their menu changes daily. And it’s ALL Pasta.  THATS IT. And wine. Seriously, have you ever known an Italian to have a meal without a cup of coffee or a glass of wine??!!


The pasta they have in that store is freshly made. Everyday. So are the sauces. Possibly the best pasta I’ve ever had in my life. Also the best part of this is that because a lunch portion is so big, you can even divide it into half. So essentially, for lunch, I had two types of pasta on 1 plate! Cool, right??

Anyway, if you are going to be in Milan, definitely try to find this place. Also, get there before lunch time (ie 1pm) or it will be too crowded. Also, once they run out of a particular type of pasta, that’s it. You gotta try something else. And because the portions are so big, you can choose half of one type and half of another type. It’s awesome fun. And super delicious.

  1. Piazza Giovine Italia, 20123 Milano, Italy
  2. +39 335 521 5743


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