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Vesak Day inspirations


I’m not the most religious of persons. But Vesak day is special to my parents. Going to the temple is a mask. Eating vegetarian is mandatory for PapaMonkey. When he was younger, he even tried to practice meditation. I don’t believe it ever worked. He often just fell asleep.

I’ve been thinking of doing yoga for almost half a year but I’ve yet to sign up for a single class. I don’t know where my inertia is coming from. I think part of it is that the idea of twisting my body into various forms in order to de-stress just seems counter-intuitive to me. But there are many reported benefits of yoga and I really feel I ought to give it a try. But they are can be quite expensive and most of the classes I’ve seen offered so far have been on Saturdays (I work Saturday).  So if anyone has any suggestions for a good beginner’s yoga class in the East that is not expensive, please let me know.

In the meantime, anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy eating. There’s a really good reason why after a week of vacation, the zipper of my trousers have stubbornly refused to ascend. I think eating and living more healthily might be a good idea. I was looking for some good recipes to start me on this road to a calmer, healthier life. I found this great recipe from the BBC that, ironically, set my heart racing. It just looks so darn appetizing.

Also, I accidentally stumbled onto a blog post from this woman who sewed her own wedding dress. I completely understand that people, in the past, sewed their own wedding dresses and that modern conveniences such as a sewing machine were not available. But the idea of making my own wedding dress is simply alien to me. I could barely make my own soft toy without almost breaking the sewing machine. I mean, she looks gorgeous. And the amount you can save is amazing. But I’m not sure its worth the sweat and the tears….

But then again, before I can fit into a wedding dress, I really need to think about getting into shape.Thanks to Little Miss Honey’s Sunday Inspiration post, there’s a link to getting into the best shape of your life. It essentially is the basic principle behind every weight loss/ training program out there. Which is that we have to have a goal. And then work towards that goal in manageable steps.

In the meantime, the Beau just left and I’m quite sad. But he did leave with a promise to return. And a promise of a future for us. I know a lot of people are concerned about whether or not he is the right choice for me. I can’t ignore that. But I think everyone needs to know that he is MY CHOICE. He’s not perfect. Neither am I. And our 3 year relationship has been conducted mostly long distance. But it works somehow.We are happy with each other. And I take comfort from these stories about people from different backgrounds, and different personalities all making it work somehow.



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2 thoughts on “Vesak Day inspirations

    1. the problem is that i’ve only ever tried it once, at a hotel resort. i think there was a position called the doggy position? anyway, we burst into such a fit of giggles after that we didn’t dare go back. and that, was my only experience with yoga. lol.


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