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Browhaus review

I decided that since the Beau is visiting next week, I really should try to make some effort with my appearance. Also, with the impending loss of my hair in 2 months, I figured better defined eyebrows might be a good idea.
So I made an appointment with Browhaus at Tampines One online. Shortly after they called to confirm a time slots and I received a confirmation call the day before. I only signed up for threading and plucking. I don’t need any of their other services like brow restoration. My eyebrows are bushy enough.

Anyway, I arrived for my appt 15 kind early. Filled out med info and contact info and was ushered into a small cubicle and given a thick blanket. Initially my service provider spoke to me in Mandarin but since I suck at the language I requested to speak to her in English between gesturing and simple English I think we muddled through. She said my eyebrows were thick and I emphasized I want it cleaned up bit natural looking. She showed me where the stray hairs were and told me she was going to thread those and trim the rest. Which I was fine with. I wanted it cleaned up. Looking like a plucked chicken really wasn’t how I wanted to look.

Threading, by the way, really isn’t as painless as it sounds definitely less painful than waxing though. She also cleaned my eye area rather well. Whatever it is she used felt nice and calming. So that’s good. I was worried about skin reactions. Then when all was done she applied some moisturizer.

Overall I’m quite pleased with the result. It looks neater. Not a huge difference but I can feel it even though I don’t really see an obvious difference since I wear glasses. I wonder if the Beau will notice?
Browhaus does more extensive services. I will prob go back for more threading. But some of their other beauty treatments like brow restoration sounds like stuff that a person who is more concerned about how they look will use. Or maybe when I’m attending a wedding or something important!




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