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Ristorante Volta street

On the two days I chose to eat at a restaurant instead of settle for appertivos or street food in Milan, I found myself at Ristorante Volta Street. Part of the reason is that the restaurant was very close to where I lived while in Milan. The other reason is that the staff was very friendly in spite of my clearly inadequate language proficiency in their language. I basically went in there and asked if they had Risotto Milanese. He said yes. And I was like, ok! Whip me up some! And because it was so delicious, I went back the second time and asked for ossobuco but the poor waiter had to, very gently, explain to me that it was a dish available only in the winter. *sad face* but at least I know that the Milanese take their food seriously enough to make sure their menus are seasonal and as fresh as possible! But they did suggest that I try cotaletta (which is essentially a veal cutlet) which I agreed to quite quickly. People had a list of places to see, I had a list of foods and drinks to tick off my list!

Anyway, the Risotto Milanese is essentially risotto with saffron. Also, a lot of butter is involved. I’ve been told that all risotto, Milanese or not involves butter…who knew? I certainly didn’t.

risotto alla milanese At some point I really want to learn how to make it. Maybe with less butter. The fragrance was just right. That said, it’s a bit boring to be eating nothing but rice for dinner. But the portions for the Primi (first dish) are so big, it won’t have been possible to order a Secondi. At this point I really wish I had chosen to travel to Milan with someone

So the second night I went back and tried for an ossobuco but as I mentioned earlier, they don’t serve it in the winter so I settled for cotaletta. Which is essentially beaded veal cutlet. So probably not as special as ossobuco but delicious nonetheless. Especially when paired with a chianti!

cotaletta, not ossobuco 
And after dinner was over, they even gave me cookies! Kind of like how american chinese restaurants are fond of dishing out those fortune cookies! 

I’m pretty sure it’s not Michelin rated. I didn’t manage to visit any of those restaurants on the Michelin list. But then again, I also did not come back with a Prada bag or Gucci wallet. So, as you can tell, I’m not a typical person who visits the fashion and design capital of the world, I’m also clearly not a backpacking kinda person who starves herself as she travels across Europe. I, unfortunately, love myself too much for that, as my trousers can testify. What can I say? The food was good. And check and check!


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