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Making stuff

So I’ve spent the last couple of weeks on a very weird trajectory. Instead of working on well, work, I’ve been pinning stuff on how to make stuff. I mean, I don’t need any more stuff. I certainly don’t need to make any new stuff. I don’t want to buy anything.But I’ve been having an urge to make new stuff. So first I made a leather cardholder for the Beau. And then I joined a workshop to make a softie for the Beau.

As a result of this random feeling of wanting to make something, I stumbled upon Sew Into It. Amy was the instructor we met. What makes this even more interesting is that she wants to turn her home business into a social enterprise and help young girls in need. Which I think is really admirable.

In addition, there are also a ton of pinterest sites out there that teach you how to make simple things like a boxed t-shirt or simple dress. Or a bag out of an old t-shirt. Although my attempt to make one while in Milan was miserable (I think its because the scissor was so blunt). They made it sound so easy. Turns out even easy is too hard for me. Haha.

And then there are girls like this girl out there who’s simply going to make do with what she can, and she’s going to use the skills she has to make things work for her fashion wise. I only wish I had as much patience.

But honestly, isn’t it inspiring how creative people can get? There is also this upcycling workshop I’m thinking of signing up for….but its like $200. And on a Saturday when I’m already quite pooped from work. But then again, never say never! And there are jewelry making workshops….so many things to do! And so little time!

Also, the Beau is arriving in Singapore soon! Where should I take him? Any suggestions?

And speaking of the nevers in your life… I really like this commercial.



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