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Sew into it

This past Friday, I persuaded Little Miss Honey to go to a sewing workshop with me. I know. A sewing workshop. This, coming from someone who literally had her mom sew her secondary school home econs project for her.

A few weeks ago, for some reason, I was suddenly obsessed with making stuff. First I made the leather cardholder. Now this.

Anyway so I found Amy of Sew Into It while surfing the internet. It said the softie workshop was a level 1 workshop. I took that to mean absolute zero experience. Which is perfect for me.

So when we got to the training grounds (which is actually Amy’s home), she told us that we were the only ones! Private lessons! Well, I had a feeling that with my skill level, trying to teach me is similar to having 3 students.

After getting us settled, she taught us about the two machines available for us to use. Did you know that sewing machines these days have computers? #mindblown Also, there is a pedal. And Amy said, think of the pedal like the accelerator pedal in a car. You drive right? Sadly, I had to tell her that yes, I drove while in the US. The other issue is that when my foot is on a pedal, it also automatically turns into lead. #iamatroublechild

cut out of the giraffe
cut outs

And then she showed us the cutouts of our softies. Phew. I thought I was going to have to tra

ce and cut it out myself. I was envisioning a very misshapen giraffe.

I had chosen a giraffe because there was no applique involved and because it was small so I thought it would be easier. And also because I like giraffes. Then she dropped the bombshell. She said that because of the sharp corners of the horns, it was actually a little bit harder. Oops. But she did teach me how to crank the wheel to try to get around those sharp corners! #smarttips

img 20150522 191646
practise sewing

So first she had us practice a bit on scraps of cloth. I was quite bad at it. I kept forgetting to leave the needle in the cloth before lifting the foot. Also, keeping to a chalked line?

Trying to follow the ligns
Trying to follow the lines

I probably should have told Amy I never learnt how to color within the lines when I was in school.

img 20150522 205432
giraffe head with horns!

Still, after an hour or two, I managed it, and kept mostly to the chalked lines! Yay! But then we had to turn it inside out so that we could stuff it with, well, stuffing. My poor giraffe looked like it was on steroids by the time I was done with it. Amy had to take out quite a bit in order to close it without it bursting. I guess I got over enthusiastic. Good thing she did the hard stuff like closing the giraffe. If you thought my seeing machine skills were questionable, my manual skills are worse. Most people take 5 mins to close a laceration. I take 20 mins.

img 20150522 205439
not yet stuffed

After seeing it up,, we left a small opening by the buttock area so we could stuff Bluebell with stuffing. It took a while because the stuffing has a lot of air built in and you really have to compress the stuffing to ensure the giraffe will have a decent shape. I didn’t want the neck flopping around!

Getting Bluebell into shape!

Anyway, I’m very pleased with the outcome. I hope that the Beau will be as happy with Bluebell as I am. Hopefully one of these days I will be able to sign up for another workshop. Sew into it is also a social enterprise. They aim to teach girls at risk how to sew in order that they will have a working skill. I think that’s great. Who know? Maybe one day I’ll actually get good enough I can help? Lol.

img 20150522 220248


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