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Good dessert does not have to be expensive

As much as I enjoyed the cake we got for PapaMonkey’s birthday from Chocolate Origins, it was pretty expensive. It was worth it because it was for a special occassion, but its not exactly something you can eat on a daily basis. I’ve always been partial to grocery store cakes in the US, because the price is reasonable and they are surprisingly tasty. My favorite cakes come from Trader Joe’s and Ralphs.

But here in Singapore, my favorite grocery store cake (other than the pandan cake from NTUC) is the butterscotch cake from Ikea. Yes! Ikea! You heard me. Ikea isn’t just for furniture shopping. They have great toys for children and great food. Those swedish meatballs…yumm…I once drove 20 miles to get my hands on those meatballs. And their little biscuits from their grocery section. I also think their butterscotch spread is better than Nutella. Tragedy, I know. But there you have it. Their butterscotch spread is to die for.

Anyway, the butterscotch cake is a perfect combination of crunchiness, just right sweetness and the perfect size so that you can enjoy that lovely slice of cake without feeling like you totally pigged out. Sometimes I take a special trip out to Ikea just to have a slice of that cake. And maybe some meatballs. And the fried chicken wings. Its $3.50 for a slice of heaven.


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