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Inspiration from stuff with a #NSFW video

i was trying to find inspiration from the news and from around me this past week. I’ve always believed that inspiration is around us all the time. It’s just that depending in what we need, and depending on our mood, we find different sorts of inspiration at different times.

Having just returned from the fashion capital that is Milan, I’m finding inspiration from stuff. As well as the places that keep and curate them.

I’ve never really been a couture kind of girl. I mean, I know I can’t afford them, so why make myself miserable hankering after something I can’t have, right? Well, when I was in Milan, my aunt wanted a wallet from Channel. I said, Channel is French. Can’t you pick something Italian? I was actually too lazy to walk to San Bilaba where the couture stores were. So she asked for a Prada wallet instead.

Well, Prada had a historic location in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuale II and since I had to walk past it to get to the Duomo, I decided that could drop by the store for her on my way home. I have to admit, I understand why someone would drop 470 euros for a Prada Wallet. It truly is very well made and is supposed to last. But what I can’t understand why anyone would own multiples of a wallet that costs over 50 euros. Either splurge on one that you can treasure for a decade or so, or get something really cheap which you aren’t going to lose sleep over if your kid pees on it. I’m serious.

My current splurge is a USD 70 Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet. That’s the first time I’ve ever spent more than $5 on a wallet. My heart nearly dropped when it started to get dirty and stained. But its ok. Its still mostly green. And its still functions the way I want it to function (it holds my phone, my cards and a small amount of cash and has a little loop thing that allows me to put it on my wrist as a wristlet). I doubt I will ever drop 400 euros on a wallet. But then again, I did say I’ll never ever spent more than $20 on a wallet. Maybe when I’m old and retired.

That said, I also believe in cost-per-use. I intend and hope to be able to stick with this wristlet for at least the next 5 years (which is really tough for me since I’m used to holding my stuff in random pockets and using an actual wallet is such a grown up thing to do). If you are buying something because its pretty and you really can’t let it go. Ok. But there’s no need to buy multiples of similar things, is there?

oh wait. i did say that this was going to be an inspirational post about things didn’t I?

Also, this shoe storage idea is gorgeous. And ingenious. I wonder how much it will cost for him to make me one?

Also, my favorite souvenirs from Milan apparently all involve food. I mean, who won’t love crispy biscuits with Nutella inside?

An ingenious idea. And a nice twist from the usual Kinder Bueno we are used to seeing, eh? Best part? Its delicious!

Also, there’s a very clever #NSFW PSA video on examining yiur loved ones breast to detect early signs of breast cancer masquerading as a porn clip. I don’t know about you but whenever someone, a doctor or otherwise tries to touch my auxiliary, I get the giggles. I’m terribly ticklish. Still, it’s a great video. And it will hopefully save lives.

So that’s it for now. Lots of posts about my time in Milan pending. I just need to catch up on work first!


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