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i strongly debated filing this away under restaurant reviews, but honestly, Eataly isn’t just a restaurant. It’s also a gourmet food store, and a book store, and also a music venue. Not all the eataly branches are the same. The one near Corso Como at the Piazza XXV Aprile is the one that was set up in what used to be a movie theatre.

Eataly at Piazza XVV Aprille
Eatay at Piazza XVV Aprile-totally makes sense this used to be a movie theatre. This Eataly has a book store (on food) also has space for a band as well!

 There’s another one near San Babila and that one is a ‘concept’ building built around design.

Eataly at the Brian and Barry buildling–as you go up, the food gets more designer!

The Eataly at San Billaba had 9 floors, with each floor getting progressively more expensive. Also, this one had clothes.  The top floor had a restaurant with a rooftop area. I suppose you pay for the view. There was also a high end pizza floor. The bottom floor sold simple pasta…more like cafeteria food…but more expensive and also more delicious.

They also had a display to show what a dinner party table should look like!

i don’t know about you but my dinner parties have never looked so pretty…or smart!

However, the key to Eataly, in my option is that their groceries look beautiful. It’s very hard not to buy food that looks gorgeous and that is displayed beautifully.

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I really hope they decide to open here one day, if only so I can get hands on some of those olive oil with truffles!


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