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Mother’s day inspiration

I returned from Milan on Mother’s day but my very practical mother decided that she didn’t want to go out for dinner because it would be too crowded in the restaurants. I think the fact that I got off the plane with pressure induced urticaria did not help matters. I slept almost the entire day because of all the antihistamines I was on.

Still, I would like to highlight some of the Mother’s day related inspiration for this week ahead. I am not a mother. I am very glad I am not a mother because I know I simply am not strong enough. But I’m in awe of those who are mothers. Because it certainly requires a great sense of bravery and foolishness.

I love this set of photos showing the bond between mothers and daughters because it doesn’t matter where you are or where you are from…that bond is universal.

And then there is this story of how this golden retriever has basically adopted a little kitten who has been abandoned by her own mother. The idea of motherhood may be universal, but sometimes the person whom you call Mother is not necessarily biologically your own.

Speaking of which, the Singapore Ministry of Social and Family affairs had an exhibition on child fostering at the Bedok Mall today. I’ve never fostered a child before (well, I’ve never been in a stable enough relationship before, and I also never had the time to be able to commit to a child, even in the short term). But I imagine that fostering a child isn’t easy. For one thing, you are welcoming a scared child into your home. And its almost inevitable that after you’ve grown to love that child, you know that there is a strong possibility that you’ll have to give the child back. But I also have friends who have chosen to foster children because the idea that a child has to go to a state run institution was so repulsive to them, that they managed to persuade themselves that it was a good thing. And it IS a good thing. But I think being a temporary parent may actually require more bravery than being a permanent one, because let’s be honest, once you are a mother, you never really stop being one, do you? Although I currently do not meet the requirements of being a foster parent, I really do hope that if someone out there has what it takes, to please seriously consider doing it.

I also wanted to share this video of mothers who are also people. I think, and this is especially true for new mothers, you forget that you were a person before you became a mother and it’s very important to not forget that. Ever.

And last but not least, I want to share this video of why mothers can never get anything done at home simply because its mother’s day weekend and also because, well, its one of the most adorable video…EVER.



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