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Rice Krispie treats

im currently in Milan. Although I have an AirBNB APT, there is no oven but I really wanted to make a snack for the long coach ride to Cinque Terra and I thought I would make my own granola bars. Unfortunately, the supermarket did not have any rolled oats so I ended up with Rice Krispies instead. So I made do. 

Here are the steps for a crunchy, Nutella nut Rice Krispie treat.

A) go to the supermarket and get some honey, Nutella, nuts and raisins and, of course, Rice Krispies.

B) put the raisins and nuts into a bowl. The cover it completely with a generous dosing of Rice Krispies.

C) heat up the saucepan and scoop three to four generous spoonfuls of Nutella. Might as well squeeze in some honey. And stir until Nutella is softened. 

 d) grab thee some wine because this is hard work 


E) pour Nutella mixture into the Rice Krispie bowl before Nutella burns.

  F) stir vigorousl.

G) then put the whole thing into a lined pan. I didn’t have any available so I sorta made one with tin foil.

  H) put it into the fridge to set for 20 mins or so before cutting it into generous portions for keeps.
That’s it! No bake no fuss.

Portions are dependent on your preferences. Easy peasy. 



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