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There is a website out there, apparently developed by some scientists from Oxford University along with the Microsoft peeps, that is going to guess your age based on your photo. According to the developers blog, this was meant to be a fun game. Unfortunately it seems to have either made some people VERY happy, or disappointed quite a number of people.

On yhe usability factor, it’s simple enough. Just upload your picture, and after a few seconds it tells you whether or not you are a male or female and guesses your age. It did fine for my nephew, and even for the Beau, it guessed he was a few years younger than he really is. But when it came to me …lets just say I might have to think about investing in some facials, and some seriously expensive creams. I’m not yet 35, but apparently I look 46! Ouch!

#ouch #bruisedego #howoldrobot

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