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10 Steps for making Fish Soup Noodles

​So, the cousin is having exams next week and MamaMonkey as Chief Babysitter, is spending a lot of time with the critter, leaving me to my own devices when it comes to food. She left some instructions for me to make my own dinner last night, so I thought I would share with you her recipe for how to make fish soup noodles.

Step one: Get yourself some fish stock and boil it.​ Or you can make fish stock.

​Step 2: Rummage through the pantry for some condensed milk and a can opener to open it with. After which, you are supposed to measure 4 teaspoons to pour into the soup. But because I was lazy, I just poured a laddle full of it and put it into the ​boiling fish stock. I like my fish soup thick and creamy.

​Step 3: Because the soup didn’t look as thick as I would have liked, I added half a laddle of condensed milk in as well. And just waited for the soup to continue to bubble. Maybe step 2 should have been 4 laddlefuls .

​Step 4: Put in a few drops of Hua Xiang Jiu (I think its fragrant chinese wine?), some drops of white sesame oil and a generous dose of light soya sauce into a separate bowl.​ The sesame oil really brings out the smell.

​Step 5: Find the noodles.

Step 6: Get the fish out of the refrigerator. We happened to have some sliced pieces of salmon. I honestly don’t think it matters what sort of fish you use as long as you like to eat it!

​Step 7: Add in the noodles. Swirl it around a bit.

Step 8: Taste the soup to make sure its thick enough for your preferences.

Step 9: Then add in the fish. Make sure the fish slices look cooked.

Step 10: Scoop generous helpings onto the bowl with the oils. Mix. And enjoy.

Simple right? You can always add other garnishes like large heapings of chili (which is what PapaMonkey did…)



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