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Handwritten entry

A few years ago, I lived in Vienna for a few very few short weeks. I was still on the no 24hr connectivity kick part of my life and did not possess a smart phone and had a trusty point and shoot digital camera (8mp!) while other tourists were whipping out their iPhones. I used an old fashioned map, got lost a lot of the time and had to plan my itinerary every night using Google and then I had to hope for the best the next day.

I still blogged whenever I got home but I spent many hours on the trains, the cafe, scattered around Vienna. Those long hours waiting in line for cheap tickets to the opera…well, sometimes no one wants to talk to you, ya know? And taking to yourself is probably like buying yourself a ticket to the psych office and I was TOO CLOSE to graduating to risk that! And so I wrote in my little notebook. I’m fairly certain I barely used half the book. I did manage to get a few cool etchings from the various walls around the city though.


It was extremely relaxing not being reachable (no one could call or Skype me and there was no Whatsapp at that time) but I’m not sure I can disconnect myself long enough for that in this day and age. Also, I’ve gotten too dependent on Google maps, which unfortunately drains the battery out of my poor smartphone.

So now I’m heading to Milan. I’m debating between going all techie and blog exclusively versus bringing a small notebook along….what do you think?And if I do bring a small notebook, I can either bring a lined book or a plain notebook….decisions decisions!




I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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