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Mon Inspirations after a devastating weekend

As everyone ought to know by now, Nepal experienced a 7.9 magnitude earthquake that resulted in massive loss of lives. In addition to the lives lost, the destruction was devastating. I have a friend who works for a NGO there and although she is save, I know that she must be struggling deeply now. I hope that as the air clears, we may receive clearer directions on how to help the survivors.

In the meantime, I tried to think hard of what would possibly inspire me this week. After all, its going to be a pretty short week especially with May day coming up. And I came across this lovely story about how teenagers are using a social event, and not just any social event, but prom, which, if you have to admit, in the short life of a teenager, is a pretty big deal, to demonstrate their civic mindedness and their quest for social change. Instead of stressing out about the prom dress or their shoes (which I’m sure they still will stress out over, after all, it IS prom), they are also using the opportunity to set things right by inviting classmates with autism to the prom, or asking their gay friend to be their date to their prom. Sometimes I think teenagers are more progressive and open minded than the adults who are their caregivers and guardians.

Also, Bruce Jenner officially come out as a transgender person this week. For a public person, I cannot imagine that this was an easy process. I’m also very very happy that the medical community has finally decided to make public their support for same-sex marriages.

And speaking of prom, there is an adorable 4 year old youtube dance sensation out there with her own backup dancers. They look as if they are having so much fun that its downright infectious.

And the video of this 102 year old woman who finally gets to see her younger self dancing brought some major tears to my eyes. She’s danced with the greats. Whoever made the video for her deserves a reward for bringing such joy to her life.

As everyone knows, I’m going to be shaving my head in July for the Hair for Hope event to be held at Vivocity on July 25th. Some have questioned my motives behind doing the shave, but I want to show you why I’m doing this. I’m doing it because of little girls like this girl here in this video:

I know that everyone is charmed by how sweet the nurses are, and truly, they really really are very sweet. But this little girl was what captured my heart. She may have cancer, she may or may not make it. But she’s alive now and dammit, she’s going to have fun.

Well, that’s pretty much sums up what inspires me this week. Its a short list, I know. But then again, it is a short week. Have a great (short) week everyone!



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