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Monday Inspiration

Ever since Hilary Clinton announced her presidential bid last Mon, my Facebook feed has been inundated with inspiring stories of women. For example, we all know that Silicon Valley is populated with success stories. But ask anyone on the street who they are and most people would probably name Mark Zukerberg or Bill Gates as their inspiration. Well, surprise surprise! There are women who make it in Silicon Valley too!  Honestly, I don’t know why we are surprised. After all, Ada Lovelace pretty much invented the field of Computer Science in spite of having Lord Byron as a father.

And for those who still think there are some vocations that women cannot do, well she just proved you wrong. As a Blue Angels fighter pilot, she is the best of the best. Gender simply wasn’t even a consideration.

And thank you Jessica Kane who called a spade a spade. Jessica Kane is inspiring (not brave, mind you) because she loves herself for who she is. She is out there enjoying and celebrating her fabulous self. And at the same time, she is applauding those who are truly brave.

Walking down the aisle seems like a pretty simple thing to do, right? I would hazard that the first dance is probably a lot harder. But for this young bride who was paralyzed in a terrible car accident, walking down the aisle was probably impossible. Except, she did the impossible and she performed the first miraculous act in their very young marriage.

Speaking of hard. Know what is hard? Running a marathon. What else is harder? Running in the same marathon that resulted in you being in a wheelchair. But Rebekah Gregory isn’t going to let that stop her. 2 years ago she was injured in the Boston Bombing. But tomorrow. She is going to run in it again. *salute*

And this woman saw a wrong and decided to right it. She saw someone dumpster driving and decided that in her First World country, that wasn’t right. So she decided to right it. I think she has the right idea. Sometimes the idea of trying to change things for the better is so overwhelming because, well, let’s face it. There are so many wrong things in the world, how can one person change it? Well, sometimes one small change is all we need because if there are many small changes, it all adds up to a big change, right? For inspiration, look at these students. They can’t solve the problem of world hunger. Or homelessness everywhere but they are going to try to give the homeless people in their community a decent shot having a roof over their heads. Yay for the power of imagination and determination! And, look at this little girl. She loves her little brother so much even though he has an incurable disease. Well, she’s going to change that! So she’s taking things one step at a time and raised a lot of money to help contribute towards a cure.

Although I always knew that ballet dancers had it rough. But Misty Copeland had it rougher than most. But now she is the principal ballet dancer with the National Ballet. And this woman truly knows the power of education. She knows how difficult it can be for students who are blind, so now she’s going to do something for it!

In the meantime, I’m wondering what I should do about my growing weight and girth (I know, I’m so superficial). I came across this video and think I might give it a try. After all, I made a leather card case by myself, surely that means I’m finally ready to step out of my comfort zone?

Also, apparently the whole world was stumped by a mathematics question that was presented to 14-15 year old Mathematics Olympiads (ie Math geniuses). Although I think that the answer to the question is “both boys should tell Cheryl that playing coy isn’t going to get her any birthday presents”, the Olympiad committee thinks otherwise. Also, good thing I was never foolhardy to try out for the team.



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