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The French are here!

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A couple of weeks ago, my nephew decided that he wanted to go to the airport to play. That’s not surprising since Changi Airport these days resemble a huge mall/ playground rather than a place where people go to fly away. But I suppose that’s ok since its always been like that. When I was a child, my parents used to take us there so that my sister and I could race up and down the travellators in Terminal 1.

While he was busy playing with the computer stimulation at the viewing gallery in Terminal 3, I spied Poulet and suggested we go there for lunch since his limited palate includes ice cream, and bagette.

I was pleasantly surprised to find it quite empty. Probably because it is located at the far corner on the fourth floor of the airport. Another pleasant surprise was the menu. Poulet is a chain store that sells mainly chicken dishes. Their branch in Bedok mall had a rather limited menu and I was quite disappointed when I was there last time. But I was craving some mushroom soup. Their current menu included the French version of a pizza and MamaMonkey ordered a tuna baguette while my sister ordered herself a tiramisu. I ordered a slow-cooked chicken. I’m sad to report that the chicken was definitely overcooked and a bit dry. Not a good start for a place that specializes in chicken. However, that tuna baguette was good and so were the fries. The pizza looked interesting. PapaMonkey finished the whole thing so I can only assume it was good and my sister seemed to enjoy her tiramisu. But my favourite was the mushroom soup. I love mushroom soup. It reminds me of Chicago because I used to drink it every time I was on call. I might go back to Poulet for the mushroom soup alone. I only hope its not a seasonal menu item because I might get quite cross.



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