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Monday thoughts

Wow. Time sure is passing by quickly. We are already in the middle of April! I’ve had a pretty tough week with the urticaria and possibly urticaria vasculitis. My dermatologist is dangling the words “biopsy” and “autoimmune workup” in front of my eyes and I’m ready to cry.But I’m determined not to worry about it for now. Currently on steroids (which is giving me PMS symptoms…mood wise) to try to suppress the urticaria. And if the urticaria is not resolved in 2 weeks….well, I’ll worry about it then.

But that’s the scary part about being a doctor though: you cannot help but become a hypochrondriac and you super analyze everything your own doctor tells you and that old dusty textbook gets dusted off as you research everything he says. I sure hope Serena Williams knows what she’s getting herself into. I admire that she is so goal oriented and I’m very sure she will get into some of the best schools in the world. But I hope her patients and peers will see her for who she is and not as “Serena Williams”. Know what I mean? That said, I think we should all draw inspiration from her drive and her strength because she is showing everyone that when you have a dream, all you have to do is reach for it!

Who do you think taught Serena Williams? Or did she learn how to reach for her dreams all by herself? Teachers are important. I know. That kind of came out of the blue. But seriously, I couldn’t think of a cool way to edge my way slowly into this. But I read that this student felt that her teacher made such a huge impact on her life, she sent him a cheque for $10K to thank him. I’m not saying all of us need to send our teachers nice big fat bonus pay cheques (although I’m sure they will appreciate it!) but I think it makes a pretty powerful statement about not forgetting that person who shaped you during your formative years, and it also speaks of the importance of all the teachers and mentors in our lives and to not forget all the sacrifices they have made to help you get to where you are today.

And speaking of strong women. Hilary Clinton announced that she is going to run for the Office of the President of the United States.  Good for her. After all, Asia has already seen her fair share of successful female Presidents. Its time the West realised that leadership knows no gender.  I don’t think that she is a shoo-in. But I think that she is a strong candidate, regardless of her gender.

Also siblings day was last week. So here’s a shout out to my sister. Although she’s a year and a half younger then me, my sister has always been the “older” and more mature of the two of us. Other siblings look up to their older sister. Me? I look up to my younger sister (both figuratively and literally….she’s a whole head and a half taller than me!) She’s married now with two children and now she has her hands full with the next generation of siblings.

And finally! The White House is practising what they preach! Gender Neutral bathrooms. Equality is about recognizing the equal rights of everybody.

This picture of two women hugging went viral last week not because they were kissing on the platform but because the person who tok the picture was focused on more important stuff : train safety. He was praising the two women for observing safety by standing BEHIND the yellow lines and observing that there were others who were not. I love that because such an observation by a random person may finally signify that being in a same sex relationship is NOT unusual. He was focused on the more important issue of platform safety! Yay!

And while I’m not a huge fan of the Kardashians, I’m glad Bruce Jenner finally feels safe to come out.

In the meantime, I’ve been dreaming of vacation. I realize that I’m very very lucky to be going to Milan (not so lucky for my wallet!). But with the vacation still 3 weeks away, I’m feeling the need for some personal time off even more urgently. Isn’t that weird? I feel so antsy. And the weird thing is, my vacation is going to be in a busy city, at the start of a busy World Exposition. But what I’m dreaming off now is some time off by the beach. Or a forest. No communication with the outside world. But I’m a city girl. Maybe that’s why I’m dreaming of something so weird. For its novelty perhaps. Amazingly AirBNB has a whole list of treehouses that you can rent around the world. *mind blown* I’ve never been to Chiang Mai (I KNOW!) but I feel as if this house could be the reason for going there!

Also, I’m trying my best to purge. All my face products. Having lived in three different countries in the past 5 years, I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. I always try to purge before I leave each place, but I always come back with more stuff. And now I have a lot of face care products that are half used. Now, I’m trying to use them all up so that I can go to back to basics as I feel that I’ve been having a lot of skin care issues lately. I don’t normally use any make up, except maybe some lipstick once in a while. But I do use the usual facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer on a semi-regular basis. That said, I’ve bought a lot of random Korean products in the past, and I don’t know what is in them because its written in Korean so I’ve had to rely on the salesperson selling me these products. Reading this article has made me realize that I can go back to basics in a more conscious way without having to go on a total break from products.

Also, here’s a shout out for help! Especially if you are an animal lover. And bonus points if you are a photographer or like photographers. My friend, Joan (of Valska fame), is thinking about setting up a project of taking photo shoots of animals that need to be adopted in order to increase their chances of getting adopted! She’s an amazing photographer (and producer) but obviously she can’t do this on her own! Anyway, I volunteered my services (except I’m not a photographer so I’m not really sure how I can be of help…) but if anyone else wants to help out, please contact her! I think its a great cause! In the meantime, I hope she thinks of something useful for me to do ….



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