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Easter high tea

My relatives were visiting from HK over the Easter holidays and as a special treat we decided to go to the Carousel Cafe for their high tea buffet. I’m not sure if their Easter buffet is different from the usual buffet offerings but I’m willing to bet the decor is probably different!


My favorite part of the buffet was their desserts. If it wasn’t because MamaMonkey was there, I would probably have started with dessert first!






Alas! I was in polite company and I had to behave so I started with the entrees.


Poor MamaMonkey could not believe that she was paying for me to eat chicken rice in a hotel restaurant! She kept lecturing me on the finer points of buffet dining. Not that I listened!


The ambience of the restaurant was quite nice and the staff was very polite but they were clearly understaffed. The restaurant was super crowded and there were many families celebrating birthdays so they turned on the speakers, dimmed the lights and had a massive birthday shoutout. Quite a clever way to make use of limited resources. The variety of food was really good and I’m sure on another day, the food might be replenished more readily. But given the size of the crowd, I think the food was taken almost as soon as they were laid out.

The most important thing to highlight about this cafe is that it is halal certified. So if you have friends visiting who have religious dietary restrictions, this is probably a good place to bring them!

Important Info:

Carousel Cafe
Royal Plaza on Scotts Road
25 Scotts Road

Tel: 6589 7799

Sun – Sat 6:00 – 10:00
12:00 – 14:00
15:30 – 17:30
18:30 – 21:30


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