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Monday Fun Edition

April Fool’s Day was last week and there were a LOT of pranks that are out there on the internet. I thought that Rihana pranking JImmy Kimmel (helped by his wife) was absolutely hilarious.

And then of course Jimmy Kimmel helped Ansel Elgort prank his little niece but it was such a sweet prank, well, I can’t help myself.

There was a very silly girl who prank her boyfriend by prank-breaking-up with him and he agreed! Good thing it turns out that he was so confident in their relationship that he knew she was joking. phew! Otherwise, that April Fools’ day could have ended up in some serious tears!

And then there was not-a-prank proposal that was oh-so-sweet::

I saw this great article about how one household managed to grow 6,000 lbs of food in their family garden which was only 1/10th of an acre.#mindblown I mean, I can’t even get a bean sprout plant to stay alive as part of a science experiment when I was in school….

And then there was the ingenuity of these nuns in Central African Republic. Malnutrition is rampant where they are and children are dying everyday from not having enough to survive, let alone thrive. They have limited resources so they used what God gave them: their brains and came up with a brilliant solution. They won’t solve world hunger, but they are solving the hunger problem in their own backyard.

Also, in view of the #betterinternet campaign, I thought that this Ted Talk by Monica Lewinsky would serve as a powerful reminder of what happens we forget that at the center of any media scandal, is an actual person.

Last but not least, someone made a short film about 3D nail art. The Art came from a 3D printer. Its kinda cool.

I think that’s it for this week. Have a great week ahead!!!



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