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low fat no whip mocha frappe please

The Starbucks baristas at MP and Changi Point know me, not by name, but by my drink. I am a habitual drinker and the minute I present my plastic reusuable Starbucks cup (which, admittedly has seen much better days), my drink is made almost automatically. I love and loathe that feeling. Yes, its great that I’m such a regular customer that everyone knows what my drink is. But it also speaks to my (sadly) predicatable nature.
My friends have made brave attempts to introduce me to better tasting (or so they say) coffee. I understand that there is a strong coffee culture in Singapore now and quite a number of these connosiurs openly despise Starbucks. But I still frequent it. Habit I suppose. MamaMonkey first introduced it to me when I was in Junior College. She was trying to get me to try "new things". Unfortunately for us, I was hooked. The Starbucks Mocha Frappucino is a perfect combination of coolness, caffeine and chocolate. I got my first drink, by the way, at Parkway Parade.
Since then, I have tried others (most notably Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves, which I understand was the original Frappucino) but they have not met expectations. My mom tried to make her own once she realised her mistake of introducing me to such an expensive habit and for a while it worked. She used to blend chocolate hazelnut ice-cream with 2 shots osf ice cream. But she quickly gave up once she figured out it was too much work. Myself? I’ve been trying to cut down because I’ve realised how caloric ridden the drink is and I’m desperately trying to lose some weight (the healthy way).
Fitsugar has introduced their version of the healthy Frappucino. I think I might give it a try. What do you think?



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