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The Man who built a Nation

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew died one week ago. Monday is meant to be a day of inspiration. A day I have put aside to find all things inspiring to keep me going through the week.

But last Monday, Mr. Lee passed away. And after a week of mourning, our Nation held a State Funeral for our Nation’s Founding Father.

If Monday is to be a day of inspiration, well, let us all look towards the late PM Lee as our source of inspiration. He may have been SM Lee, MM Lee. But in my mind, he is always PM Lee.

He was not a Saint. He was not always right. But he was committed to our Nation and he placed Singapore above all else. In less than 50 years, Singapore went from being a colonial outpost to being a First World country. And this was due largely to the force of nature that was PM Lee. He did not do it by himself, but he led the way.He had a vision for Singapore. And he achieved it. When he left us, he left us with a legacy. A legacy that I really hope we do not squander.



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