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RIP Lee Kuan Yew

I woke up this morning to the news that Mr. Lee Kuan Yew finally passed away in the wee hours of the morning. As all Singaporeans are aware, Mr. Lee has been on ventilatory support for more than a month as a result of pneumonia. Although I feel bad for his family because they have lost their patriarch, I am glad for him. Having a machine breathe for you, even while under sedation, is not a pleasant experience. And I feel that he has suffered more than his fair share. While I’m sure most people are sad to hear of his passing, I think I might be one of few who feel relieved for him that his suffering is now over.
There will be, I am sure, many obituaries that will be published so it will be quite redundant for me to post one here, especially by one who writes as poorly as I do. I will say this: Lee Kuan Yew was my first Prime Minister. By the time I got used to Mr. Goh Chok Tong as the Prime Minister, he was close to stepping down himself. And now, BG Lee Hsien Long is at the helm. I think I was born into a very privilaged generation. My parents still had to undergo quite a lot of hardships. But I strongly believe that those born in the 1980s were born into an era of burgeoning prosperity. I don’t think we had to experience as much of the turmoil as our parents did. And as such, I think, we are not as appreciative of the incredible hard work and will power that was needed to build Singapore into who she is today. Many will say it is all because of Mr. Lee. I believe that statement is wrong. Mr. Lee helmed it. He certainly contributed more than his fair share. And he was the leader of that growth. But it took a lot of people who believed in his vision, and who were willing to work to bring that vision to reality that created Singapore.
RIP Mr. Lee.


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