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March madness

I’ve got very exciting news! My boss has approved my shaving my head off for the Hair for Hope 2015 event! Woo-hoo! I can hear some people rolling their eyes. And some are asking why I had to ask for “permission” like a child. Well, for one thing, I like my boss and my profession is a “front line” position, meaning I see patients all day. And because I see patients all day, an element of “customer service” is involved. If I was in the US, I probably won’t have bothered asking for “permission” but I would have informed my supervisors. But given the fracas involving the school girls and their principal, I just wanted to avoid any huge blow up at work. Also, I like my boss and I wanted to give him the heads up. Thankfully, my gamble paid off and he said it would be ok (and I have it in writing!).

Going bald for a cause!

Obviously I signed up immediately because I was afraid he would change his mind! So ta-da! I’m now an official shavee for Hair For Hope 2015!

While I’m crowing about the impending loss of my crown, there’s a gorgeous ballerina out there with scoliosis. I love her determination to follow her dream.

Also, I’ve just recently discovered ManRepeller. I think its great. Too many of the fashion blogs out there are either very snarky or just too … aspirational to be applicable to real life. Man Repelller combines fashion with comedy and I find myself reading the articles because they are a quick read, and more often then not very funny. They just had a great article on the many uses of boob tape. I say, forget boob tape. Just get double sided tape. Probably cheaper.

Apparently, being in a relationship isn’t purely for procreational or recreational purposes. It also makes you healthier.

And I know a lot of people are into organic foods, or health foods, or whatever. The problem with buying what we are sold is that they aren’t always what they claim to be! My advice? Read the food labels.

And for anyone looking for a career switch…ever thought of becoming a fashion editor? Huffington Post has some useful advice for you here! Maybe we can put our SkillsFuture credits to good use!

I’ve only ever helped plan a wedding once in my life. Although I think planning a school prom almost counts as having planned a wedding as well. All the details. All the running around, signing contracts, finding the dress, the stupid guest list, etc. My personal opinion is that planning a wedding has to be the worst part of being engaged. But as my best friend would say, its like marriage bootcamp. If you and your spouse can survive the wedding planning with the two respective families, its a good bet that the marriage would last (and trust me, I’ve known at least two couples who have un-coupled during the planning process, and while they were miserable immediately after, I think they are happy that they made the decision not to get married to each other) because lots of issues are brought up during the planning of the “happiest day of their lives”. Money issues, negotiating tricky family ties, learning to compromise on differing styles… Anyway, apparently there’s a couple out there that loves each other so much, they are willing to put themselves through the whole process 38 times on 6 continents! I think they are nuts. I can’t even imagine how many volumes of wedding pictures they will have!

When I was younger (and more foolish), I had dreams of opening a bookstore-cum-bar. Turns out I don’t have rich parents. Nor am I independently wealthy. I also do not possess a never-ending pot of optimism or luck. But I (used to) frequent a lot of ‘cool bars’. Turns out the bars that I like to frequent are “hipstar bars” and there’s a checklist for being hip.

Anyways, here’s to the start of a (hopefully) great week! Its the last week of March! Which means May (and Milan!!) is approaching! Time to get planning!



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