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The Wolf Hall TV series

I finally completed watching the BBC Wolf Hall Series. I started watching it thinking it was the BBC version of the Tudors dramatising the life of King Henry VIII. Turns out it actually is about his First Minister, Thomas Cromwell. Which is a nice change seeing that there are quite a few movies out about the monarchy, but very little on the lives of the people who politik in those courts.

So, a brief recap (does it still qualify as spoilers if the events are historical, and hence, everyone already knows what happened?): Wolf Hall (BBC) is a TV adaptation of the book by the Hilary Mantel (totally going to borrow the book from the library soon). It details the rise and fall of Thomas Cromwell, one time lawyer and loyal follower of Cardinal Wolsey, who in turn was the Lord Chancellor to King Henry VIII, who then rose to power as the First Minister to King Henry VIII when Anne Boleynn became Queen. The TV series follows when Queen Katherine was still alive, and divorced from the King, and before Henry was declared the Head of the Church of England. It ends with Anne Boleynn decapitated.

The show, as I’ve mentioned before in my first initial review, is amazing. The acting is very good and is full of dramatic tension. There’s a lot less sex compared to the Tudors but for some reason, Anne Boleynn still shows a lot of bosom. The show really concentrates a lot on Thomas Cromwell. The King namely struts about, shouts a lot and acts like a petulant child who can’t quite seem to get what he wants. Claire Foy who plays Anne Boleynn also purses her lips a lot like a pertulant child but I thought the scene when she realises just how vulunerable she is (the one with the courtiers surrounding her and she’s basically throwing a fit) was a great showcase of her talents. And the scene when she was executed was both beautiful and cruel at the same time. We don’t actually see her decapitated state, but we see her body being wraped up by her Ladies and the blood on their hands and dresses made my stomach curl.

I can’t wait for the sequel! In the meantime, I’m going to read the two books! Apparently its a trilogy but the third book hasn’t been completed. Watch it while you can! Its still available on the iPlayer! But you know the BBC, 3-4 weeks later, pouf!



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