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Time Out Dinning Out

Its been a while since I’ve gone out of my way to try new foods so when I received an email about a tasting event organized by Time Out, I thought I ought to give it a try.

The Cube and I arrived slightly before 7pm (starting time).  We saw people out in the tent so we thought it was time to join. But nope, the organizers told us to come back at 7pm. Being the good Singaporeans that we are, we dutifully waited. We were given silver wristbands (no alcohol) and ushered in promptly at 7pm. We tried to grab one of the plates but were told that it is for the VIPs only. Well, what can you expect for $55 right?​ The event space was quite tight but it did have a nice view of the harbor. There were standing cocktail tables (maybe about 8?). No seated tables anywhere. We reasoned that the whole point was for people to keep walking and tasting. So we allowed that to pass. The DJ was situated at the end of the tent but the music was loud so really, it was a party-cum-dinner experience. I liked some of the music, but some of it was too electronic for my taste.

The vendors that were there included Le Comptoir, Lewin Terrace, :pluck, Cicheti, UNa, The Prime Society and Dojo. I have to say I enjoyed the Cioppino from Lewin Terrace the most. Their meatballs were delicious too. And I really enjoyed :pluck’s beetroot dish and their swordfish tartare. The crepes by Le Comptoir were a nice touch while the paella from Una were very filling and delicious.

Not a bad night. Like I said, the food was good. Almost wished I had gotten the alcohol option but I’m really trying to cut down on my alcohol intake. Bad lighting and lack of seats made it kind of hard to take pictures though. Although the price of the tickets were reasonable, I’m not particularly sure I liked being treated like a second class citizen. So if this comes back again next year….well, I might have to think twice about it.


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