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Starting off on a good note

The first Monday of March. I have yet to fulfil any of my fitness goals (and really, they are quite simple). But I did finish that lit review. Now, though, is the game of waiting. Waiting for the next step. I’ve mentioned before that I detest waiting. But sometimes, there isn’t a choice, is there?

While we are waiting, I’ve been treating myself to some incredible videos. I’m a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon. He is funny, and he’s incredibly hardworking. I like the segments he organises and he’s so incredibly nice about it and they are such fun games. And his face is so cute. I will admit that I have a teeny crush on him.

I was getting a bit worried about my memory the other day. I had a patient sitting right in front of me and my differential diagnosis had included Henoch–Schönlein purpura (HSP) but when I was writing up my note, I just could not remember what it was called. Thank goodness I saw this article about distraction causing symptoms that may mimic memory loss. At least I know I’m not going into early dementia.

Remember the TV show The 6 Million Dollar man? Or something like that? Dude almost dies but gets his parts replaced so he becomes a superhero. Well, looks like reality may soon catch up with fantasy. They’ve just attached hands to amputees that allow them to control said hands with their brains! Cool right?

The next video is about true love. This blind man finally got the gift of sight with the aid of a bionic eye and the first person he looked for was his wife. He identified his wife easily because she is “the most beautiful in the room”. What a lovely sweet sentiment.

And I know that the more cynical amongst us have sometimes panned Julie Andrews or made fun of her in one way or the other. But I think we forget how lovely her voice was and how earnest she was and how incredibly hard she worked and the strides she made in a world that was not so very friendly to women who worked. When Lady Gaga performed Julie Andrews’ songs, I’m not ashamed to admit that I shed some tears.

In other inspiring news, Science isn’t simply about making new discoveries. It is also about applying our new knowledge to make the world a better place. An NGO in Canada is going to use 3-D printing technology to print prosthetics for amputees in Uganda and I think its an absolutely wonderful application of technology. It makes the Scientist in me proud.

School shootings always make me sad. Any sort of violence in schools makes me incredibly upset because in my opinion, schools are supposed be to safe havens. That anyone would violate the sanctuary of learning befuddles me. I am pleased, however, to learn that these girls are putting their smarts to good use. Not only are they showing that women can be good engineers, they are showing that they are good problem solvers. Now, that’s GIRL POWER!



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