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Celebrating the opening of the Goat year

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Well, the 7th day of the Lunar New Year is traditionally the day that businesses will open for the year. It is also known as “Everybody’s Birthday” because people did not always remember the day they were born so they just celebrated their birthdays on the same day.

This year we went to Tung Lok at Changi City Point Mall. In the past, I would never even have thought of going there. Its simply too expensive. I think, somewhere along the way, they must have lowered their prices or I’ve simply gotten used to the increased cost of living in Singapore. Their portions are small, but not too small and definitely more than enough for my small family.

They have a special CNY menu, as with all the other Chinese restaurants in Singapore. We had the traditional raw fish salad for Low Hei to usher in good luck for the New Year. We also ordered the shrimp fried in salted egg yolk paste and it was surprisingly not too salty. The paste wasn’t very crispy but the shrimp tasted very fresh. We also ordered the roasted chicken (there weren’t many choices, the other choices were duck and my father does not eat duck). Their CNY menu was very meat-centric though.  We also went for the fried crispy noodles. The red pepper was nice and sweet and I liked the mango sauce that came with it.

Not a bad meal and the price was definitely reasonable. My only complaint is that the menu was rather limited in selection and the service was very slow. The staff, although polite, ignored us most of the time and it took quite a while for the food to make it to our table. I’m fairly certain we’ll go back again though, but probably only after the CNY festive period.



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