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Wolf Hall

Its the CNY holidays and ready unlike the CNYs of my childhood, the holiday is decidedly less festive these days after the passing if my paternal grandparents. Actually, I think CNY stopped being fun once I outgrew it.


Instead, I spent most of CNY eve catching up on Call the Midwives. Its always guaranteed to put me in a bit of a soapish mood. It seems as if the BBC is very subtly renewing the cast. I have a feeling that Trixie might not be signed on for the next season.

Anyway, once the catching up was done and I watched a Top Gear episode, I thought I would see what the fuss surrounding Wolf Hall was about. I had the vague idea it was about Henry VIII and his six wives (divorced ,beheaded,died, divorced ,beheaded, lived) but its actually about Thomas Cromwell. King Henry VIII ( played by the delectable Damien Lewis) doesn’t even show up till the last 10 mins of the first episode.

To my surprise, its actually a really good show. I’m half way through the second episode (its CNY after all) but I’m quite eager to binge watch the rest.

The costumes are certainly lavish. The dialogue is quite snappy. And the pacing is good. And most importantly, the acting, though understated, is very strong.

The flashbacks are a bit confusing though. As for historical accuracy….well, I don’t even know Singapore history that well. So I’m going to leave the fact finding to historians following the show.

And if you are looking for a more detailed review/recap, check out the guardian’s website. Its really very good.



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