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Monday highs

Right. So its the start of another week. But hip hip hooray! Its the week of the Lunar New Year. Although we don’t get an extended holiday like the lucky ones in China, I’m thankful that we have any time off at all since when I lived in the US and the UK, the Lunar New Year was a non-event! Almost wish I have a 5-day work week instead of 6 because after two days of celebrating, I have to go back to work! That very Saturday!!! Still, its TWO DAYS OFF so hip hip hooray!

In other news, did you guys hear about the gorgeous 83year old Cover Girl? Wow. IS SHE GORGEOUS OR WHAT? I hope I look half that good when I’m her age.

And speaking of GORGEOUS models, a girl with Down Syndrome is going to walk the runways at New York Fashion week! I’m not saying that this is great in the inspiration porn kind of way, but I think its great because I think that we, as a society, are finally recognizing that there are different types of beauty out there and we are ready to celebrate it!

Ooohhh! In a follow up to last week’s post, the Detroit Walking Man finally got a car! He no longer has to walk 20 miles to work each way! YAY INTERNET! While I appreciate the generousity of the internet for this one individual, I wonder if we can do something about the plight of the citizens of Detroit in general? Detroit used to be a thriving city and now its turning into a ghost town. And that’s a huge pity because Detroit has had a very colorful history and I would hate to see it die.

​Also, for all the new mothers out there. The AAP Child Health Tracker is now available FOR FREE for the month of Feb! Now, that’s showing some muchos love!​

​And, watching hot dudes read is no longer a private fantasy since Instagram has gotten their hands on them and shared it with the world wide web to see. Ay carumba!​ Is it me or did the room suddenly get warmer?

​I found this post on DIY backyard games and I think they would be a lovely idea for a relaxed outdoor bbq wedding! What do you think?

And hooray for traditional clothing! A study shows that saris are the best type of clothing because it insulates you in the cold cold winters and ​is breezy for the hot hot times of summer. I’ll be honest, I’m partial to them because they just look so darn elegant! Its too bad I’m too clumsy to wear them!

Also, friends rock.

Last, but not least, if you have a Google account (and who doesn’t these days), complete your security check up and get an extra 2GB storage space!

​Oh! I finally decided to give myself a new computer! I’ve been living without one for almost a year and finally had some cash to spare so I decided to splurge on the HP envy strea. It’s $300 and comes in pink. Happiness.

If that doesn’t make you happy, they found a smiley face in space. Even the Heavens are smiling upon us. So smile! And be happy.
Right. So that’s it for this week. Happy Lunar New Year! May this year of the Goat be a sure-footed way to Happiness and Laughter!



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