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Ikea again and again

For some reason, we keep going to Ikea. IKEA has played quite a big part through all the upheavals in my life. Moving from dorm to apartment to apartment during my college and med school years. Buying IKEA new, buying IKEA used. It was all the same. Sometimes we could afford the new stuff, sometimes, I waited until the graduating students started to sell them at the lowest prices possible. Either way, IKEA has served me well. I like the simplicity of their pieces. It means that it’s easily adaptable. I really enjoy reading the IKEA hacks page and was quite disappointed to learn that IKEA had taken action against them. But I’m glad the matter has been resolved amicably. I think that it speaks well of IKEA furniture that it’s so easily modifiable,after all, isn’t that part of their motto? The modular system, thus making it easy to produce, and sell. We are all humans, all the same, but we are also individuals. And we all yearn to put our own stamp on things. And I think that’s why people shop at IKEA. It’s simple. Simple enough that it’s possible to individualize the different pieces.



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