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Gosh I’m good at procrastinating

I’ve been given a task. More like a test really to see if I’ll be up to par. And I was given that task last week. I’ve done nothing about it since I was given the task. Instead, I’ve spent my time researching which computer I should buy, updating my blog (what? you think this sudden influx of entries is because I was suddenly inspired?), picking my wardrobe for the week. All so that I can avoid doing what I know I have to do. Le Sigh. And its not because I don’t enjoy my new task. I love the idea of a new project. Its just that before I embark on it, I always have this overwhelming feeling and it stops me from getting started. I wonder what other things I will "find" to do before I start panicking about how much time has passed?
While procrastinating I found this little entry on how to fix my procrastinating habits. I like the part about announcing my intentions best.
So here’s my announcement: I’m going to finish this dam lit review by the end of this week….even if it kills me!



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