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Blowing away the Monday blues

So, I recently found out that a colleague of mine is actively blogging about her life her in Singapore. She is an expat doctor and new mother. She has a weekly blog post about the things that have inspired her during the week. And I thought that its such a lovely idea to kick off the week that I’m going to adopt it too! So here goes my list:

  1. Little Miss Honey : well, she did inspire this post. And the recent rise in blogging activities…
  2. The man who walks 21 miles to work: 21 miles is roughly 40km. He walks 40km each way to work. In Detroit. In the rain, the sleet and the snow, and the heat (in the Summer). If that’s not inspiring enough, the Internet raised money for him to buy a car. Although I’m sure he’ll be glad to buy a car so that he can commute to work more comfortably, I really hope that he continues his daily walk in some form of the other. After all, walking is a fine exercise and a good habit to keep!
  3. Star Wars Wedding: I’m not exactly sure if this falls under “OMG SO CUTE! I LIKEY!” or if its inspirational. Anyway, kudos to the bride for having fun on her wedding day! Although I’m not sure if this is the groom or the bride’s idea! LOL.
  4. Tiny beautiful homes that can be built in a day: functional, beautiful and a tiny footprint. How can you not love it? I wish I have the money to buy some land and build this as a permanant home!
  5. Alice+Olivia+Starbucks= cash in a sick day: I’m strongly considering calling in a sick day so that I can get my hand on these cute tumblers. But then again, knowing my luck, I’ll probably be caught playing truant. Maybe I can cajole someone into getting me one?
  6. And did anyone else see this Emoji Art?? Crazy right? Mind=blown. So far, all I know how to do is make 🙂 using my keyboard. This guy makes portraits! With small tiny little icons! Talk about taking digital art a step forward!
  7. Mr. Bill Gates may be a college drop out but he is also a billionaire with a vision and his annual letter is awe inspiring. I may have to revise this years resolutions. Good thing the Lunar New Year is round the corner. Perfect excuse for a fresh start….
  8. #NoHairSelfies. Inspired, no? I’m planning on signing up for Singapore’s Hair For Hope this year. Here’s hoping I don’t chicken out. Also really hoping that I’ll be able to convince people to donate!

NHmmmm…that’s it for now. Doesn’t look like very much, is it? Still, 7 things that bring a spring to my step is still better than nothing, right?

Also, some things that are making me super excited about the week ahead:

A fun Bond-like movie
A fun Bond-like movie

Am I the only person who is super excited about the Kingsman movie? It’s like the old James Bond franchise before the Bourne franchise made the spy genre into a super serious action movie. I like and appreciate the new more action packed, more serious Bond movies. But sometimes I miss the over the top, kitschy Bond.

And Fresh is coming to Singapore! I’m so excited. It’s my favorite cosmetics brand. They are expensive but feel so luxurious! I love it. When I was in medical school, it was one of my main indulgences. Once a quarter, I would buy the rose facial mask to get me through all the exams. It was also the only smell that could overcome the formaldehyde from the anatomy rooms. Till this day, I still associate the smell of roses with Chicago. Their rose facials smell so darn nice. I haven’t tried the black tea one yet. And isn’t that lovely wall of roses super pretty? As soon as I figure out where their location is, I’m going to go check it out!



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