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Food Nation

Singapore is a country where food plays an extremely important role. I don’t know if its because our poverty line is low, or if the fact that we used to be a third world country a mere two generations ago (some might call this the starvation theory) but there’s food everywhere. The success of a mall seems largely dependent on the kind of restaurants or food stores they have. The other stores seem almost like a second thought. Although restaurant chains are very popular, there are many independently owned food stores/restaurants (although many are probably plotting their way to world domination by setting up successful chains).
It probably won’t surprise anyone then to find out that Singaporeans are getting increasingly obese and are facing issues such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and diabetes. My patients keep telling me that they either live alone and find cooking a chore, OR that cooking for two is too much effort. Do they eat out instead. Some people also don’t have a ‘wet’ kitchen anymore.
Well, apparently eating healthy is possible, at least according to Asia-City anyway! Their article lists 10 places in Singapore where you can enjoy a healthy meal. I really hope that there are more than 10 places to eat healthy meals, but I suppose 10 places is better than none!



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