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The wardrobe of a 30 something woman

According to Popsugar, a popular online magazine, a woman in her 30s should have a more polished wardrobe and they have, in their little advertorial, included examples of the 10 pieces we all need to have. Unfortunately for me, at least half of those items are not suitable for a tropical climate like Singapore. I believe Style by Style is supposed to be Singapore’s equivalent. At least they are trying to! Has anyone bothered to look a their site? Do they have the equivalent of the top 10 pieces someone in their mid 30s should have so that I can decide I my wardrobe is up to par? Haha.

In the meantime, I thought I should suggest a few essential pieces that are present in my wardrobe:

a) The little black dress aka LBD

so, first of all, I’m not particularly little. So the Little Black Dress is a bit of a misnomer. Nor do I think that a woman in her 30s should be wearing anything ‘little’. Although I’m not quite there yet, I think a woman in her 30s should have more confidence in herself and her sense of self worth. That said, I know that for many women that I know, the 30s is a decade marked by many life changing decisions and that can alter her equilibrium a little bit, but our sensibilities are hopefully more grounded than our 20s and as such, I think our wardrobe largely reflects that. I have a cute LBD from the USA FLOTUS favorite high street brand that I wear when I’m feeling particularly lazy, or if I need to look ‘somber’.

b) The Confidence Dress

I have a dress I call my Confidence Dress. It’s a cute black and red Calvin Klein dress with cowl neck I got from Nordstroms rack ages ago. I call it my confidence dress because no matter how foul I feel, how frumpy I feel, that dress lifts my spirits up and makes me feel as if I can conquer the world.


c) The Fun Skirt

For this, I have a midi skirt from The Island Shop that I adore. I love it so much I have it in white, navy blue and khaki. I also have a jean midi skirt with brown trimmings from goodness know where (Inga was about to toss it but I grabbed it as my own). Why do I love midi skirts? Because it is fun! I love being able to twirl around in it. In my opinion, everyone should have a fun skirt. Be it something with trimmings, or Lacey or has a wild pattern, it doesn’t matter! Everyone has their definition of fun. Mine just happens to involve being able to twirl!


d) the White Shirt

Most fashion blogs I know define this as a white button down. But in a tropical country like Singapore , a long sleeved white button down just feels so hot! And because I’m a bit on the generous side, button downs don’t really work for me.


e) the Perfect Jeans

I have several pairs of jeans and none are as precious to me as my Tahiri jeans that I bought for an obscene amount of money at a sale ($125!) in Bloomingdales. They are flared, and a little distressed. But it makes my butt look so good!

I’m not saying that you have to spend an obscene amount of money on jeans in order to look good in jeans. I love the Tahiri because of the memories associated with the jeans. But my point is that a good pair of jeans is important, even in this horrid hot humid weather. I have a pair or maybe two of Uniqlo jeans and a pair of JBrand jeans I got from a thrift store. ALL of them make my butt look good.

f) a pair of tailored trousers

It’s Casual Friday! Time for tailored trousers! Hey look crisp, and elongate the legs….when they are the correct fit. So how can you NOT have this in your closet?

g) pencil skirt

When I feel fat, a pencil skirt acts like an instant tummy tuck. Also, because I’m afraid it will split, I eat a little less while I’m in it! Win-win!

h) a maxi dress.

Tropical country. Need I explain more? A nice big flower in your hair is optional.

i) a scarf

Singapore isn’t known as the Air Conditioned Nation for no reason. A scarf might be a lightweight option to cart around in that handbag that is already filled with your wallet, lipstick, keys and goodness knows what else.

j) a tailored blazer

So that you can get away with wearing a sleeveless shirt or camisole at work!

Am I missing anything?


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