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the Downs and the Ups

Ever had one of those days when you went into a meeting not expecting much, and that meeting completely opens up so many possibilities that your imagination gets carried away by your excitation?

Well, I had one of those meetings on Thursday. I met someone who has had an extraordinary career. She was also very blunt and very straight forward in her speech and mannerisms. Definitely not a pediatrician. I left the meeting thinking I could conquer the world!

And then reality hit. I needed to take a day off work to attend this important meeting with her. She was offering me an opportunity of a lifetime. Those things always require a show of commitment at the very least. I’ve spent the last two days trying to get this day off. Unfortunately, in this rigid world of public health medicine, its been a bit of a rough ride and I’m still not able to get the time off.

Nonetheless, its been a while since someone has sat me down to ask me what I want out of my career. I’ve always been drifting from one stage to the next, with very little thought of the "big picture". But now I have the picture, the issue is filling in all the details. The other problem is how to fit my personal life into my career. I know that its not always possible to have my cake and eat it as well. But why in the heck not? Why can’t I have it all??



I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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