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During my training, the hospital embarked on a baby friendly initiative. Although I know that “breast milk is best” I’ve also seen first hand how stressful breast feeding can be for mothers. So I’ll be honest, I was never one of the most enthusiastic proponents of breast feeding. In my opinion, the decision to breast feed was made during their prenatal months. No amount of persuading was going to do much good other than make the poor stressed out mother feel guilty. And breast feeding is hard and may not always be an option for everyone. To make a mom feel bad because she’s exhausted and tired of hearing her poor hungry baby and so she went for the ‘easy’ way doesnt help. Motherhood is hard. So why are we making it so hard for these moms? We should help support all moms, irregardless of how they choose to take care of their little babies. Funnily enough, it took a formula company to have the guts to point this out!



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