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Facebook is Passé

I was listening to BBC world this morning and they were doing a short commentary on social networks. Apparently, teens these days aren’t using Facebook anymore. In fact, a teen said on air that "Facebook is for old people". I giggled so hard my ear phones dropped out.

I’ve been a Facebook user for a decade. That’s a really long time. This teen was probably still in diapers when Facebook started. And before Facebook there was Friendster and MySpace. I stopped using MySpace because I was getting really annoyed with the numerous email notifications and random people trying to "friend" me. I’ve since associated MySpace with metal-punk rockers and peodophilles. Friendster, on the other hand, just died out slowly, without a pop or bang. If Instagram had started when I was still in college, I suppose I might be a more active user.

As it is, I’ve used Facebook to keep in touch with my college friends for ages and see no need to change. According to the news feature, we solidify our adult friendships in college. Hence, it makes sense that the way we keep in touch with those friends would be via the social networks we started on during those days?

Or maybe its just laziness. After all, when I started to blog, it was before the millenium. I think I started on Diaryland, then blogspot (now blogger), then xanga and now wordpress. I was just looking through my archives the other day. Apparently, I’ve been blogging (with varying frequencies) on wordpress since 2007. I’ve been more faithful to wordpress than any of my boyfriends!!! (shhhhh…don’t tell D!!)



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