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I had goals

When the new year started, I didn’t really make any resolutions. Yes, I’m quite aware of the concept behind resolutions. To set yourself some goals, the big picture to define “your year”. But setting goals for the year simply wasn’t possible for me. Well, maybe that’s the wrong word. Maybe the best word to describe it is foolhardy. I’ve never been the goal setting type of girl. At least, I don’t think I am. Most of the good things that happen to me, seem to happen by chance. Every time I try to plan for something, it ends up as a colossal disaster. Apparently I’m not terribly good with the ‘big picture’. But small random baby steps? That, I can deal with.

So I took one of those desk calendars with the day’s all boxed up and a nice small column at the side. I wrote down my goals for Jan 2015:

a) read two chapters in the Color Atlas of Medicine

b) start swimming once a week.

That’s it. Two goals for a whole month. Guess how many I’ve tried?

if you answered zero. You know me well.

Maybe two goals is too ambitious.

Or maybe the goals aren’t specific enough. Maybe the fact that Channel 5 has decided to air one episode of Arrow every week day night is simply too much ( shirtless Oliver? oohh la la!)


Goals for month of Feb:

a) 10 laps a week.

thats it. Think I’ll make it?



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