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Living life the IKEA way

When I first returned home, it became quite apparent that while my parents had been looking forward to having me home, there really wasn’t very much space for me to have any personal space. It’s as if the reverse in life’s fortunes had happened: growing up I had the luxury of my own room, a luxury I’m very sure most children back in the 80s did not enjoy. As I’ve grown older, my living space has gotten smaller and now I have none at all as I share a room with my mother (don’t judge..but space is a premium here). I had hoped to turn the store room into a study. Well, it’s been a year and a half…the storeroom is still, well, a store room.


But in the meantime, I’ve caused two Apple computers to break down (something to do with the video card), AND killed off a TV. On a more constructive note, I have another Masters to my name and I passed my pediatric board exams (not that I’m using either of them).

However  my mom has gotten along quite nicely using the iPad without having to resort to the computer. I just bought a new Smart TV which means I can watch YouTube on the TV. YAY! I bought the IKEA LACKS coffee table last year when there was a sale and used it as a study table. The new TV was placed there. I had thought of buying a CPU so that I can use the TV as a monitor. But that will require some time as I need to save up for one.

Because I haven’t been spending as much money on Starbucks this year, I figured I could afford a treat and got the TROFAST wall cabinet and am using that as the TV stand by placing it on top of the coffee table instead of fixing it to the wall. Not my first IKEA hack, but definitely my first time trying to create something from two IKEA designs. Not too bad for someone known to be a klutz around tools eh?



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