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thrifted wedding dress

ok. So D hasn’t officially proposed yet. But he is planning on coming to Singapore to speak with my parents. As to whether or not he really is the right person for me. Who knows? I don’t know if I’m so hell bent on marrying him because my mom says “no” and I just want to prove her wrong (I bet she’s wishing I was a rebellious teenager right about now and that I had hashed out my rebellion when I was younger) or if its because I know he is the right person for me. I can’t tell the future. I don’t know if we will work out in the long run. But I also know that we can’t be together to find out, if we aren’t together.
So like it or not. I think we are going to get married. With or without my parent’s blessing. Obviously, I won’t be able to have a wedding if they aren’t going to give their blessings. Not that its a big deal since I’ve never been the kind of gal who has been dreaming of her wedding since she was a little girl. That said, the talk of weddings has me looking up pictures and pinning stuff on pinterest. Which meant that I started getting IDEAS which then had to be quickly quashed because of well, budget (the lack of) and reality. So, no pouffy princess gown for me.
But one of the advantages of having a huge wardrobe accumulated from years of travel and moving around and then keeping them all in your parent’s place is that well, my wardrobe is an archive of impulse buys. Including a lovely beaded dress I found in a Bethesda thrift store for $10. A dress that I thought my MOM would wear to my sister’s wedding (she didn’t wear it). I tried it on a couple of days ago when I called in sick from work (severe headache). It actually fits. And well, I think I found my wedding dress. Sort of like a Kate Moss wedding look. I mean, hers is probably sexier, classier but also majorly more expensive. Seriously. CHEAPEST WEDDING DRESS (mine, not Kate Moss). EVER. With the appropriate accessories, it will be perfect (at least, in my imagination anyway). I also found a white Karen Millen knit dress that I had bought from London, also from a charity store for less than £10. Perfect elopement outfit in my opinion. And yes. I’m eloping. And then we are going to have a celebratory party later.
Outfits settled. Now to figure out how to get my parents to accept him. And then to plan maybe a traditional tea ceremony. If my parents give their blessings. Too bad I don’t have a red qipao lurking around somewhere in my closet ….



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