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I have too many clothes

That, Internet, is a statement. Not a boast or a lament. Simply a statement. I’ve been working for a month now, 6 days a week, and have yet to repeat any outfits.
Imagine that! Somehow, all the clothes that I accumulated over the years in various countries have found their way home to Singapore. It isn’t that I have not done my fair share of pruning the closet. In fact, every time I move ( on average about once a year at least) stuff gets sent over to Goodwill or whatever charity bin happened to be nearby. But stuff that I liked so much for some reason or the other, ended up being stored at home. And I promptly forgot about them whenever I left again.
Well, now that I’m back, I’m going through them all, one dress at a time. And that’s only the summer clothes. The sweaters, thick woolly stuff are stored under the bed. Hopefully not getting eaten by creepy crawlies. And yes, I’m still of the philosophy that less is more. But given my current generous girth, my tendency to hoard, more, is still, more.
It doesn’t help that I live so close to the Expo. There are all sorts of sales going on every week. Take last week for example: we went to Changi Point to buy a pair of sneakers. My Tevas had somehow acquired holes where there should be none. After getting desired item, we thought to go to the Robinsons sale since they often have lovely biscuits on sale. I spotted the Island Shop rack and I’m afraid that my shopping brain took over and all hope was lost. I even ignored the drowning cries of my ego over the double digit dress size. In a matter of hours, half my pay cheque vanished. On the first day of the month no less.
I wonder if there is a twelve step program for compulsive shopping?



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