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The world of Fanfiction

Am I the only one who has just discovered the crazy crazy world of fanfiction? Because after spending a week and a half watching all available episodes of Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, I decided to google Miss FIsher’s Murder Mysteries, you know, to find quotes or pictures or at the very least, any news about when Season 3 would be available (turns out no decision has been made yet…*be calm my quivering heart*) and I discovered the world of fanfiction. I mean, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries are based on real books written by a real author (I know because I googled that and I actually bought 4 of those books) which are slightly different from the TV show and there are these fans who write fiction based on the TV show. Some of it is pretty good (even with the mistakes…but that’s understandable when there’s no editor looking at every single word, every comma or full stop) and some of it is well, a little pornographic (also I learnt a new word…smut…) but surprisingly enough, I wasn’t as embarrassed as I was two years ago. Its just words. Apparently, people actually publish real books based on how popular their fanfiction is. But is it fair to the original creators? I mean, a lot of young adult fiction (especially the ones that are serialized) are written by many different authors (even though sometimes the same author gets credit for it) based on characters that were created by one person. But at least, they get paid for it. When these fanfiction authors get picked up for a book deal, original author be dammed. So where is the copyright or protection in this case?



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