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My life as defined by TV

Apparently, my life is defined by television shows. It reads like a rather pathetic sentence. And truthfully, its worse if you are actually living it. But one can’t always hide from the truth, can I? First, there was Felicity, and that show started right before I started university in America and ended when I was midway through it. And then there was Gilmore Girls, and Sex in the City and Friends and that was a time in my life when I was (I thought) living an independent life with fabulous independent but also slightly clueless friends in my early 20s. How I Met Your Mother started as I was starting medical school and I had just broken up with who I thought was The One and I thought that looking for The One was important. And when I started residency, Doctor Who was given a new lease of life and I was at a stage of my life when I was looking for an escape. And now, just as I’ve wound down my life in the US, HIMYM has ended. I liked the ending, sort of. I really did wish that Ted and the Mother would grow old together but I suppose the ending that they gave us wasn’t all that unexpected. A bit of a coup out, in much the same way that Friends was a coup out…but it worked.



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